Heat Building
In our Heat Building Workshop, we are not only going to build up your strength and mobility by firing up your core, but also fuel into your intelligence and eagerness to strive for the better!
We will focus on the the Manipura Chakra, which is right at your abdomen. This chakra is directly associated with Agni, or Fire, an element that’s always in motion. Fire will bring tremendous strength, power, warmth, transformation and light.


There are two types of Agni:
  1. Jathara Agni – the digestive fire, the center of your metabolism, where food is burned up and converted to energy.
  2. Bhuta Agni – the ethereal fire which digests ideas and allows us to convert to knowledge and intelligence.


As we always say, yoga is not just the poses, it’s a lifestyle. We hope you can feel that as we burn into our Manipura Chakra through our vigorous heat building asanas!




【Location】Nami Yoga Studio


【Instrutor】Namita Kurokawa



Unlimited Students ¥ 3,000
Regular Students ¥ 4,000 or 2 Class Tickets