We Have News For You

At Nami Yoga Studio we are committed to make yoga a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Over the past 8 years, your energy and love of our studio has made this mission possible. Thank you for always practicing with us!


On 1 October 2021, we will be introducing a whole new pricing plan that will reflect the needs of our students better while allowing us to continue to offer the best service we can.  


Here’s a little video we made to talk you through more details about the new system, prices and schedule changes.


Please also refer to the summary below:


1. A New Website


2. A New Booking System with our new partner Glofox, which will allow you to:


  • Book a class and keep track of your class packs via our new NYS app!
  • Pay directly online through the app or through our website!
  • Get your Zoom link immediately upon booking, never miss a Zoom class again!
  • Get push notifications from our app regarding schedule updates 


3. New Pricing and Tickets


  • Check out our new Price List below and the tickets’ details here.
  • No more mat rental fee!
  • Allowed to keep your mat at the studio for a monthly fee.
  • Until the new pricing plans are effective on 1 October 2021, you still have 4 weeks to purchase all our tickets at current prices. The validity of each ticket will be until 31 December 2021.


4. Schedule Change


  • Lunchtime classes will become 45 minutes long, and no more lunchtime tickets.


We want to thank you for making 2021 thus far so special despite the current pandemic situation, and we’re ready to make your yoga journey continuous and even more relevant in 2022. Please feel free to contact us at info@namiyogastudio.com for any questions or comments. We’re always here to listen. 


See you on the mat!
Founder of Nami Yoga Studio