Intro To Pranayama

Pranayama comes from two parts, “prana” meaning life force (or breath) and “yama” meaning controlling. Therefore, it is controlling and channeling the life force. The key to understanding prana is to understand the breath. When the mind is calm, the breath is also rhythmic and even. When the mind is stressed and tense, the breath is also uneven. This can also be interpreted the other way, where when the breath is shallow, the mind is also nervous. By controlling the breaths, you will also start to see calmness in the mind and body. In this workshop, we will learn the breathing techniques taught in yoga, and some asanas using the breath which can be applied in your daily life. 


Date: Sep 6, 2019
Time: 19:15-20:45
Location: Nami Yoga Studio
Capacity: 16 people
Instructor: Namita Kurokawa



Intro To Pranayama ¥ 4,000 or 2 Class Tickets