Submerge yourself into a 100 hour Yin Yoga Training and learn to share the subtle meditative qualities of this practice. Created from a blend of the ethereal sciences of the East and the material sciences of the West Yin Yoga is all about balance.


This training uses lecture and guided practice to develop a conceptually diverse understanding with extensive first-hand experience.


Yin Yoga brings your awareness through the tissues of your body releasing tension layer by layer. Becoming well versed in Yin Yoga is like being able to apply a deep tissue massage to your body with your mind. Making that experiential connection to all you have heard or read about Chi you can begin to find a new way to experience your body.


This curriculum emphasizes the balance between Eastern (ethereal) and Western (material) sciences. With an in depth exploration of meditation, subtle anatomy and physical anatomy learn to teach the subtle qualities of Yin Yoga. Using lectures and guided practice you will develop your own strategies for teaching and working with students to guide them to listen to their body. The deeper you go with your training and self-exploration the more you can help students learn from their own bodies to create a deep tissue massage with their mind.


*** No previous experience required, this training is suitable for beginners to Yin or Yoga in general, those who just want to deepen their practice and/or for those experienced with Yin who want more insight to teach.

About the Instructor

TJ’s Yoga story began 18 years ago after receiving a book, the Tao Te Ching,
as a gift from his sister. With an MFA in art and 6 years as a grade school art teacher TJ has a deep appreciation for the journey of self-exploration that is essential to learning. That paired with traveling, reading countless books, and over a decade of meditation and continuous trainings and studies with various teachers associated with Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and Meditation, TJ decided that the inward journey would be his focus.


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Sat, Aug 10  10am-8pm
Sun Aug 11  10am-8pm
Mon, Aug 12  7am-3pm
Tue, Aug 13  11am-6pm
Wed, Aug 14  11am-6pm
Thu, Aug 15  11am-6pm
Fri, Aug 16  10am-8pm
Sat, Aug 17  10am-8pm

Learn To:

  • Deepen & explore your own Yin Yoga practice
  • Guide a Yin Yoga class of any duration
  • Develop & refine Yin Yoga sequences
  • Set the proper tone & environment for a Yin Yoga class
  • Instruct private Yin Yoga sessions
  • Safely cue & adjust a wide array of student needs
  • Create a safe & supportive space for students
  • Respond appropriately to student questions

Topics Overview:

  • Yin asana [standard 20+ poses]
  • Tao + Yin Yang Philosophy
  • Yin Yoga theory + history
  • Meditation techniques + applications
  • Muscular/Skeletal Anatomy
  • Anatomical variation
  • Joints & Connective Tissue
  • Fascia
  • Yin asana [+15 non-standard poses]
  • Meridian Channels
  • Chi
  • Chakras
  • Subtle Anatomy
  • Breathing methods to enhance Yin practice
  • Organs/Systems of the body
  • Yin Yoga teaching methodology
  • Yin Yoga propping and cueing
  • Yin Yoga sequencing



  • Read the Tao Te Ching (begin now)
  • Write a 2 page essay (begin now)
  • Maintain a regular journal
  • Read the manual (provided on the first day)
  • Attend all scheduled contact hours
  • Complete the Teaching Practice during the training
  • Weekend Module trainees will also complete Home Practice hours assigned between modules.


Prerequisite: No previous experience required, this training is suitable for beginners to Yin or Yoga in general


Location: Nami Yoga Studio, 1-8-5 Moto Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Dates: Aug 10-17, 2019


Instructor: TJ Maher

Training will be in English
Japanese translation by Sakura Yoga


Price: Indicated below.


1. Training over the course of 8 days
2. Teacher training manual
3. Yoga Alliance Certified Qualified Yin Yoga Teacher Certificate

Does not include

1. Accommodation
2. Meals
3. Transportation







Yin Yoga Workshop Fee
Early Bird ¥ 120,000 Until May 1, 2019
Regular ¥ 150,000
Cancelation Fee:
Cancel 4 months prior, no cancellation fee
Cancel 4-3 months prior, 20% cancellation fee
Cancel 3-1 months prior, 50% cancellation fee
Cancel 1 month prior, 100% cancellation fee