Energizing Flow for the Soul with Betia

This year at Yoga Fest Yokohama 2018, Betia will be teaching a class. DON’T MISS IT!


In this energizing vinyasa flow we will connect the breath and the mind in order to create heat within the body and calmness in the mind. We will begin with a preflow warming and activating our core so as we flow we will use it to feel light on our hands and feet but most importantly strong in life. We well then flow as a community energizing our bodies and minds to feel our heart beat, building stamina, energy and happiness. Then we will slow it down with some relaxing asanas that will lead to exploring new possibilities. Be ready to feel the body, the breath and the mind all in one. At the end feeling blissful and ready to take on whatever life has in store for us.


【Date】 September 15, 2018

【Time】 18:15-19:00

【Place】 Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall

【Fee】 Free *Reservation Required

【Website】 http://www.yogafest.jp/2018/15m6-2/