60 Minute Classes
Drop in ¥ 3,000
5 Class Tickets ¥ 11,000 2 month validity
10 Class Tickets ¥ 20,000 3 month validity
Unlimited ¥ 20,000 1 month validity
30 Minute Classes
Drop in ¥ 1,500
10 Class Tickets ¥ 10,000 3 month validity
Workmate Pack
50 Class Tickets ¥ 92,000 12 month validity
Mat Rental ¥ 100
Cancelation Fee:
One class fee



All of our classes are available for drop-in. However, the morning, evening, and weekend classes tend to get full. We recommend you to make a reservation to ensure a spot. You can click on the sign up button above to book a mat. We ask that you come 10 minutes before class. If you are not here, we will give away your spot to our drop-in student.


If you would like to cancel your spot, please do so 12 hours prior to class. Anything after that will result in a deduction from your class ticket. If you do not own a class ticket, we will send you an invoice of our drop-in fee. If you reserved a spot and don’t arrive 10 minutes prior to class, we will give away your spot to our drop-in student, and the cancelation fee or ticket deduction will apply.

Students New to Nami Yoga Studio

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to fill out the registration form. Please bring water and comfortable clothing. You may bring a towel if you feel the need to. You may also bring your own mat if you have one. For further questions, please contact us.


We accept credit card payments. Class tickets are non-refundable and non-extendable, however, you may transfer your tickets to family member(s) only. When doing so, please notify us here.

Private Lesson

Private lessons can either be individual or small group lesson. The price will vary depending on the needs, location, and number of students. Please contact us here for more information.

Unlimited Pass

Unlimited pass is valid for one month and is limited to 30 classes a month. It will be a one year contract. 30 minute lunch time yoga classes can also be used, but will result in a deduction of one class. Although workshops and retreats are not included, there will be a discount for these events. You will not be able to share this ticket with family or friends. For further information, please contact us here.

Workmate Pack

Want to try out Corporate Yoga, but don’t have the space, mats, schedule that fits all? We have a solution for you. We are offering a 50 time ticket that can be shared amongst your colleagues that can be used for any classes at our studio. For more details, contact us!

Yoga Mats Spring Cleaning

We provide rental yoga mats for 100 yen. You may also bring your own yoga mat and leave it at our studio free of charge at your own risk, if space allows. Once a year between February and April, we clean out the yoga mats. If the mats are left unused for a long period of time, we may discard or donate them.