To Experience
2018.7.26 | Tsubaki

The internet has become such a convenient tool as the digital market has grown at a rapid pace. My daily routine is to check social networking system (SNS) to gather information. I use Instagram to search things. Not Google search, but Instagram through hashtags!


In this digital era, it’s still important to actually go out and experience things on your own. Today I want to share the beauty of real life experiences.


Where’s your dream location that you want to check off your bucket list? Within your own country? Abroad? Or maybe outer space?! It’s exciting to grow your imagination.


As for me, I’ve always wanted to visit Horseshoe Bend located in Arizona, USA. Of course, I’ve gone back again and again on my Instagram to check #horseshoebend lol. FYI, on my “saved” on Instagram are tons of photos solely of nature and yoga.


Finally, my dream come true. I visited Horseshoe Bend this year!! I went on a tour of Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope.


The expansive power of the Colorado River has done magnificent things through its canyons. I was finally able to visit the Colorado River’s twisting natural wonder, Horseshoe Bend. The moment I arrived, my heart started skipping and lost my words by the spectacular landscape.


Then, just one word, “…YABAI!” (A Japanese expression meaning awesome or incredible.)


It was completely different from I’ve seen on my Instagram hashtags!! The panoramic view was vaster than I imagined. The color impressions were more than what photos could capture.


No matter how convenient life gets with the internet, real life experiences are still important and helps stimulate your five senses. It may sound obvious, but it’s always important to re-realize it.


It’s the same with yoga. I’m sure you’ve come across many yoga poses on Instagram to just stare at it thinking, “I’m not flexible enough. I probably can’t do this.” Don’t limit yourself! The point is not take beautiful poses. It’s to realize how you feel in your yoga practice. I love practicing yoga to reflect on the mind and body balance. During the lesson, I always look forward to Savasana at the end of the practice.


Of course, gathering information is always important, but going out and ‘doing stuff’ is also as important.




After graduating from university, she started her career experiencing various professions in PR, Media, and IT.
As she became passionate about the effect of yoga both on the body and soul, she decided to deepen her understanding through teacher training at UTL. She began to provide her own yoga training as an instructor to help people discover an overall sense of well-being.
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