2019.10.22 | The Nami Yoga Studio Team

We’re super excited to announce a number of new deals on ticket packages starting this October, including a special student discount of 15%. Here at Nami Yoga Studio we believe yoga is for everyone- whether you want to continue your practice whilst on a tighter budget or are new to yoga and looking for a way to boost your productivity, mood and overall well being, we’d love you to come along and start yoga with us!


Life in the city can be busy, stressful and leave little time for self care, particularly if you’re studying as well. However, studies have shown that a regular yoga practice (even just once a week) can improve your quality of life and education in a number of ways. Stress and anxiety are common problems at university, with deadlines and exams looming yoga can calm the mind and help you get on with your day, as well as improve memory and attention span! Not only does taking time for yourself helps you to nourish and enjoy your body (whilst promoting self-discipline), yoga can also improve strength and flexibility— correcting that pesky desk posture. And lets not forget the benefits to sleep and immunity that’ll help you to achieve better attendance rates and most likely enjoy your studies to the max.



15% off every ticket:

Drop in (usually ¥3000) now ¥2550

5 tickets (usually ¥11,000) now ¥9,350

10 tickets (usually ¥20,000) now ¥17,000

30 tickets (usually ¥57,000) now ¥48,450 (starting from November 1st)

We look forward to seeing some new faces and practicing with you during your studies, namaste.


→You can book your class here!



Please make sure to bring along your student ID to show for payment.


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